Our session is in your home or somewhere special to you, where your all already feel comfortable. After a few directed shots, it's time to let loose.

We put music on and play, we talk about parenthood, we reminisce on your favorite moments together. 

These photos are about documenting you and your people just how you are.

Laughter-filled dance parties. Figuring out how to nurse. Craft time. Getting soaked in the sprinkler. Comforting big feelings. 


You have a messy, imperfect, beautiful life.
Let's document it how it is. 

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We'll have our session! It'll be a mix of directed and documentary shots. in 3 weeks, I'll send you the photos!

step three


You'll fill out a questionnaire, including sending me pictures of your home for in home sessions. We'll talk styling and get you prepped and feeling ready!

step two


We'll chat on the phone about what you're looking for in your photos and will get to know each other!

step one


the signature process

I still feel gently cared for and held by the way Ama shares their intentions with capturing photography while checking in to ensure all individuals feel comfortable, respected, and heard. I am awe of the way that they document the most precious experiences with such a kindred talent and consideration." -D

"if i could choose one photographer to capture the rest of my life's most special moments, I would easily choose Ama.

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family & couples photos that will melt your heart

meet ama

"I loved how breathtaking Ama’s work is. The fact that she has experience as a Doula, it gave me peace of mind, that our baby is in good hands. After our consultation, I just couldn’t wait for our session!

We wanted some photos with our traditional regalia, and Ama was very accommodating. She asked us to send pictures, I was so glad that the wrap she brought for the baby matched perfectly with our outfits. Long story short, we saw the pictures and they exceeded our expectations. Perfection! Thank you Ama, for giving us your best!" -Vitavi

"our baby is in good hands..."

the tender postpartum

check out these galleries!

want to see what you'll get?

a snuggly morning

weekend playtime

it's your turn!

"I had a medical emergency a couple of days before our session was scheduled, and Ama was so understanding. There was zero pressure to reschedule right away, and Ama even checked in on my health in the following days. I wanted to work with Ama were because they center LGBTQ+ families, people with disabilities, and BIPOC families, plus Ama has a background as a Birthworker/Doula (like myself).

Ama's compassion shined through as they took photos of us and chatted with us. I felt like Ama held space for my experience as a birthing person and a new parent in a way that only a Birthworker-Photographer could.

After Ama left, I didn't just feel like we got our photos taken; I also felt like Ama validated my postpartum and body feeding experiences, and captured them beautifully in the photos they took. We were blown away by the images we received a few weeks later!" -Mary

what they're saying

- kristen

"Ama took exceptional care and thoughtfulness with her photos and engagement with us... It was pure joy working with her." 

- Yasmel

"I appreciated that Ama was extremely patient to our needs an considerate of this special yet fragile postpartum and newborn time. They were never pushy while taking our pictures, and I appreciated the tenderness Ama emitted while getting to know us."

actually, this is for me!

you want traditional, highly posed photos

you want a cookie-cutter, bargain process

you're not down to let loose and make art together

this is not for you if...

let's do this

you love your people 

you're not afraid of getting mushy-gushy

you want to create memories, not just photos

you want to see yourself authentically represented

this is for you if...

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"Ama made our entire family feel very at ease and comfortable! She put so much care into listening to our wants/needs ahead which of time and connecting with your little ones upon arrival. I truly appreciated Ama's ability to be flexible and responsive to the moment and ultimately was able to capture such precious moments of our family that we will treasure forever!" -chris & nick

session types & pricing

family sessions

A laughter-filled family session lasting up to 2 hours (usually about 90 minutes). Sessions are $750 total and include all digital downloads (40+). $350 is due at booking and the remainder is due the week before the session. A gifted print credit is included.

couples sessions
A one-hour session for you and your partner(s) to celebrate your love story. Sessions are $750 total and include all digital downloads (40+). $350 is due at booking and the remainder is due the week before the session. A gifted print credit is included.
queer family archives
A project created to be an opportunity for us to tell our own stories of family - with the nuance, complexity, honor, and celebration that they deserve. This project combines documentary family photography with interviews to create time capsules of family stories. All family formations are welcome (kids are not required)! You define who is in your family, and we love chosen family here. 

I'll join you at your home or another location special to you for an interview about what your family means to you and a family photoshoot. You'll receive all elements from our time together.

Some elements will be publicly available (with your consent) as part of the Archives, which will grow over time to become a cultural document of the deep love and worthiness that are core to our families. The Archives will be available online.

You can participate by signing up for a typical family photography session and letting me know you want to be part of the project. I do not want finances to be a barrier to participating, so I offer one significantly discounted, sliding-scale session per month. 
sounds like a plan

You've invested time and energy into a photo session, and I don't want them to just end up on your computer or social media. We take photos to share them with our kids, to pass them down, to see ourselves represented.

I want you to have ways to display them that will last you generations, especially because Instagram can go away any time and you probably aren't going to pass down your hard drive. Quality matters here - getting your products printed professionally will ensure that they are true to color, sharp, and lasting.

A print credit is included as a gift in every package to go towards to help make sure you can get professional & high-quality print products.

Why even get photos done if you're not going to enjoy them in your home?

I've got answers!

You've got questions?

how do sessions work?

After you book, I will send over a questionnaire to help me get to know your family and see how you spend time together. We will plan a start time for your session based on the activities you want to document. 

Most sessions are weekday mornings around 10am. 

What can we do during our session?
what can we do during our session?

Anything you want! I typically document ordinary moments like trips to the lake, making meals together, an outing to your favorite ice cream place, playing at the park, doing the dishes, and bath time. Fan favorite: snuggles in pjs.

What if my home isn't "perfect?"
what if my home isn't "perfect?"

90% of my sessions are in-home, and NONE have been spotless, newly updated, etc. You do not have to have everything clean or have the perfect white backsplash! Your home is great as it is. We'll throw clutter in a laundry basket if it is interfering with a shot, no biggie. I will find good light in your home, promise! 

If you aren't up for an in-home session, be thinking of other places special to you - your kid's favorite park, where you went on your first date with your partner, your family's picnic spot - and we'll find a location good for photos together! 

What if I don't live in the City of Chicago?

That's a-okay! I'm a city person who can't drive, so if you are located somewhere inaccessible by Chicago public transit, there is an additional travel fee to cover an Uber to & from your home. Alternatively, we can meet at your favorite spot in the city. 

If you are located beyond Chicago & the surrounding suburbs, we can work out cost of travel - I'd love to take a trip to you!

What if the weather is bad?
what if the weather is bad?

let's be honest: we need sunny days, especially for indoor sessions so enough light is coming into the home. We can get away with overcast days for outdoor sessions. We'll always reschedule for rain or other bad weather. 

What are your Covid policies?

It is really important to me to prevent the spread of Covid (and long Covid). I will rapid test the morning of our session, and I'd really appreciate it if you do, too. I'm happy to wear a mask during indoor sessions if that is your preference. Covid precautions are an important part of community care and protecting the vulnerable - if anyone in your household is feeling sick or was exposed to Covid, we will reschedule no problem!