How In-Home Family Photography Brings Your Family Closer

a boy laughing during a chicago in-home family photography session

In-home family photography is perfect for capturing the essence of your family’s milestones and everyday moments. Documenting your family life within the comfort of your own home is a personal and meaningful way to preserve your memories. What’s more, you actually get to be in the pictures rather than always being behind the camera! With candid shots and genuine interactions, in-home family photography allows you to truly connect with your loved ones and creates a tangible reminder of the love and joy shared within your family.

In-home family photography brings a unique twist to traditional portrait sessions. Instead of stiff poses or artificial locations, it captures the authenticity of your family dynamic. Whether it’s capturing the chaotic playtime in the living room, the laughter during cooking sessions in the kitchen, or the quiet moments of cuddles on the bed, these intimate images will serve as a time capsule of your family’s story.

My favorite thing about in-home family photography is that it creates a relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone involved, making it easier for even the most camera-shy family members to let their true personalities shine. Your kids are already comfortable at home. You don’t have to lug away the diaper bag, pack snacks, or accidentally forget your littlest’s comfort stuffie. I come to you!

kids playing during a chicago in-home family photography session

The importance of preserving memories

Our memories make up the essence of who we are. The milestones, the laughter, and the meltdowns shape who we are as individuals and as a family. Preserving these memories is essential, as they hold a special place in our hearts and provide a sense of belonging and connection. Even when our memories start to fade, photos anchor us back to our families.

In-home photography allows us to freeze time and capture the fleeting moments that make up our everyday lives how they actually are. We don’t need to go to a random field you’ve never seen or pretend to be perfect. At home, your family gets to be just how you are. From the first steps of a child to the tender moments between grandparents and grandchildren, these photographs serve as a visual reminder of the love and happiness shared within our families.

parents looking at their newborn during a chicago in-home family photography session

Benefits of in-home family photography

In-home family photography offers a host of benefits that go beyond just capturing beautiful images. One of the main advantages is the ability to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone involved. By having our the photo session at your own home, you and your family members can let your guard down and be yourselves. This authenticity shines through in the photographs, resulting in images that truly reflect your family’s unique bond.

a boy laughing during a chicago in-home family photography session

Another benefit of in-home family photography is the opportunity to showcase your home and the memories you’ve created within its walls. Each room holds a story, and by incorporating your home into the photographs, you’re able to capture the essence of your family’s life at that particular moment in time. These images will not only bring back memories but also serve as a testament to the love and care that goes into creating a warm and welcoming home.

We’ll also have more flexibility around scheduling if your photos are in-home. We don’t need to chase that brief, illusive sunset light and won’t have to reschedule for clouds. All we need is the sun shining through your windows.

How in-home family photography brings your family closer

In-home family photography has a way of bringing families closer together by creating an intimate and personal experience. This shared experience allows family members to connect on a deeper level, fostering a sense of togetherness and creating lasting memories. We’ll do activities that your family loves, like dress-up or baking cookies. Documenting a positive experience together helps solidify the memory for a lifetime, since the photos will anchor us back to the feeling we had when they were taken.

During an in-home family photography session, we’ll document the organic interactions and emotions that occur naturally within your family. From the laughter and playfulness to the quiet moments of tenderness, these images serve as a reminder of the love and joy that is core to your family dynamic. They capture the connections between siblings, the bond between parents and children, and the relationships that make your family unique. We don’t force anything or try to create perfection that isn’t there – your life is messy and beautiful, and that is reflected in the photos.

a child coloring during a chicago family photography session

What to expect during an in-home family photography session

The goal of my in-home family photography sessions is that they are relaxed and positive for everyone involved. Before the session, I’ll work with you to understand your family’s dynamics, interests, and what you are looking for in your photos. I care about your kids and want to make sure they feel engaged and comfortable. We’ll tailor the session to your specific needs and document the moments that are most important to you.

I’ll guide you and your family through the session every step of the way, provide gentle direction for some shots, and make sure that we are doing activities in good lighting. I’ll then step back and document the organic moments that are unfolding naturally. I want you to look at the photos and feel that your family’s story and personalities was documented in an authentic way that feels true to who you are. I want you to feel seen by these photos.

a couple smiling during a chicago in-home family photography session

Tips for preparing for an in-home family photography session

Preparing your home

You might be thinking that your house isn’t modern enough or tidy enough to do a photoshoot there – this is NOT true! Most of my sessions are in-home, and none have been perfectly clean or updated.

Before the session, I’ll have you send me photos of all the rooms in your house when the light is best (we’ll talk through what “best” means, don’t worry!) I’ll then give you a heads up of which rooms we’re likely to use so you can focus on tidying only those. It doesn’t have to be spotless, we just want to minimize background distractions so that your family can be the focus of the photos. If we need to move things during the session, that’s a-okay!


I’ll ask you to think about the activities and moments you want to capture during the session. Whether it’s baking cookies in the kitchen or playing board games in the living room, choose activities that reflect your family’s interests and personalities. These activities will not only make the session more fun for your kids but also create opportunities for genuine interactions and emotions to shine through.


Lastly, dress comfortably and in a way that reflects your family’s style. Coordinate outfits without being matchy-matchy, and opt for clothing that allows freedom of movement. Remember, the goal is to capture your family’s authentic selves, so choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. I recommend staying away from clashing colors, neons, and logos/words. I am happy to talk with you about styling, and you can read through my free styling guide here.

a baby and dad smiling during a chicago in-home family photography session

Preserving memories through in-home family photography is a beautiful way to celebrate your family’s unique bond and create lasting keepsakes for generations to come. By capturing the authenticity of your family dynamic within the comfort of your own home, in-home family photography allows you to truly connect with your loved ones and create tangible reminders of the love and joy shared within your family.

So, gather your loved ones, and together we’ll use the magic of in-home family photography immortalize your family’s moments.

new parents smiling during a chicago in-home family photography session

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