Safety First: My COVID-19 Precautions for Photography Sessions

Hi, wonderful people! COVID is still here, and it is important to me to keep us all safe during photoshoots. I don’t want to put anyone at risk of COVID or Long COVID, so I’m going to walk you through the precautions I take before joining you for your shoot to have a COVID-conscious photography practice.

Contactless Booking and Communication

My entire communication and booking process is virtual. (It is also super easy and smooth!) Some photographers visit their clients before the session or have them over to search through a client closet, but I don’t want to expose you to additional risk for something we can do over FaceTime. I love having calls and Zooms with clients leading up to the session to prepare and style!


I will take a rapid test before joining you for your photoshoot. I’d love if you did as well, but I don’t require this. My focus is making sure I don’t introduce risk to you and your household.


For indoor sessions, I typically wear a mask. The exception is when all of the following three have occurred: the client has tested, they are comfortable with me having a mask off, and I am so sweaty from a hot space to prefer to keep my mask on. (I have been known to get sweaty at sessions from crawling around with kids!) You are getting photos done, so I of course don’t expect you to wear a mask during the photos.

For outdoor sessions, I am happy to wear a mask if you would prefer.

Outdoor Photoshoot Options

While 90% of my photoshoots are in-home because that’s my specialty, I am also happy to meet you outside if that will make you feel more comfortable. I have some go-to spots in central Chicago where we can enjoy nature and fresh air!

Rescheduling and Flexible Booking

Look, we all feel yucky sometimes. I never want you to avoid rescheduling if you are sick. Rescheduling is very easy, and I completely understand this need. While there is typically a rescheduling fee, I waive this fee if we are rescheduling for illness. I am also going to reschedule if I am sick – let’s keep each other safe and healthy!

My Commitment to Safety

COVID disproportionately impacts communities of color and disabled folks. This is largely due to equity issues with accessing healthcare. I am committed to running an equitable photography practice that centers those of us who are most marginalized, and this extends to why I have COVID policies.

Thankfully, we aren’t photographing a wedding – we can definitely reschedule for a time when we are all feeling healthy and ready to go! (Bonus – the pictures will be better when you aren’t congested and tired, too!)

If there are additional steps I can take to help keep you and your household healthy, please let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate.

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